Ask Tea India

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chai?

By itself, "chai" is merely the generic word for tea in Hindi, Punjabi and many other South Asian languages around the world. However, the term "chai" is often times synonymous with the Indian preparation of tea using brewed black tea and an aromatic blend of spices and herbs.

Where does your tea come from?

We buy most of our teas from the premium tea growing region of Assam. Assam teas are famous for their fullness, flavor and brightness. The best teas from Assam are produced during the months of May and June – just before the onset of the monsoons. Our chai is made from the best quality black teas from the rich growing region of Assam.

What is Orange Pekoe tea?

Orange Pekoe is a fine grade of black tea which delivers a deliciously rich, smooth taste for you to enjoy everyday.

How much caffeine does a serving of Tea India® contain?

The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea varies tremendously, depending on the variety of tea and the brewing time. In lab tests, we found that Tea India® Orange Pekoe Black Tea Bags (3.1 grams) contain an average of 116 milligrams of caffeine. Tea India® Chai blends (Ginger, Cardamom, and Masala which are usually 2.3g servings) contain 67 to 78 milligrams of caffeine. Tea India® Loose Leaf teas (2.8 gram serving) contain 118 milligrams of caffeine. A strong cup of black coffee has about 120 milligrams of caffeine.

Does water affect the tea brew?

Tea has a delicate flavor that can easily be ruined by 'hard' water. Hard water is not recommended. It's best to either use spring water with a low mineral content or filtered water to ensure a delicious cup of tea every single time.

Where is Tea India® available?

Tea India® is currently available at most South Asian grocery stores in North America. In Canada Tea India® is also available across many supermarket chains such as Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and Save On Foods. We are working on expanding our reach to other parts of both Canada & the US. Please refer to our store locator or send an email to if you are having trouble finding Tea India®.

What does CTC stand for on your loose tea packages?

CTC stands for "crush, tear, curl" and it is an automated manufacturing process of tea which produces a very strong flavor. Tea India® CTC teas produce a rich deep red color when they are brewed.

Should I use loose tea or a tea bag? Is one better than the other?

Generally you will find that loose teas, such as our Tea India® Mamri tea, will produce a stronger cup of tea depending on the amount of tea that is used. However, our Tea India® tea bags (Orange Pekoe Black Tea and our Chais) have been created to include more tea in each tea bag, and thus will brew a strong cup of tea similar to that of loose tea. To learn how to make the perfect cup of chai, visit our Making Chai page.

How are Tea India® Chais different from other chai brands?

Tea India® Chais are made with the finest, natural and authentic spices and ingredients. We do not add artificial flavors to our Tea India® teas and we feel this offers the best and true flavor tea that can be enjoyed everyday.