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We think it’s important to enjoy the best things in life whenever you can. Tea is one of life’s simple pleasures so we think it’s only right to drink a better blend all day, everyday. This was the exact thinking that led us to creating our authentic range of Indian teas.

Our master blender grew up in Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, where we source the majority of our teas. Combining his expert knowledge with a passion for Indian tea, he’s now on a mission to make sure everyone can enjoy a superior cup of tea everyday.

Combining unique flavors, local tastes, and family traditions, chai transcends beyond tea. Rather, it is a tradition – an experience –
and a testament to India's vast cultural plurality.

Chai is an integral part of India’s history. Throughout India, enterprising young chai wallahs sell steaming glasses of chai in crowded railway platforms. Busy shoppers stop at teeming bazaars for a quick cup of chai served in small tea cups and saucers. Discover the taste of India with Tea India..