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Our Philosophy


Just like you, we are true to our roots. Whether we are born here or back home, we all carry the distinctly sweet and familiar smell of that earth. We might live in the US, but our culture, our ways and our conventions are unmistakably Indian. That’s why we have real, karak-tasting instant teas. So even if we are in a hurry, the flavor is never missed out.


Just like you, we value traditions. Whether it’s sticking to the customs and celebrating the holidays we’ve grown up with or creating new rituals in our adopted home, traditions keep us connected to what’s important. That’s why we have the finest loose tea to celebrate the ever-important tea making ritual, one cup of chai at a time.


Like you, we are a blend of two different cultures, two distinct ways of living, two individual ideas. We bring together the vibrant, unique sense of India with the limitless possibilities of America. We’re proud of the extraordinary hybrid blend that gives our tea that special flavor. That is why our tea is chosen from the finest tea leaves in Assam in India and produced in state-of-the-art facilities in the US.


Just like you, we charted our own course. When we came to the United States, there was no way to get fresh, authentically Indian, great tasting tea. The only tea available was shipped from India, sitting in containers over months and losing their flavor and freshness. So, we decided to do what had not been done before. In 1981, we launched Tea India and became the first tea brand established by an Indian immigrant in the country.

Our Stories

Just like every single tea leaf that makes its journey from the hills of Assam to your tea cups, our individual journeys are unique and remarkable. Whether we grow up here, or choose to make it our home, each of us has a story to tell. Discover some incredible stories of incredible people, who just like us, and you, are the true embodiment of Born In, Made In.



I am Akshatha! I am a passionate chef and food photographer. I was born and raised in Bangalore and currently living in New Jersey.

As a child, my sister and I were never introduced to tea at home. It is when I started going to school and sports camps that I picked up the habit of drinking tea. Since then I can safely say I want my evening cup of tea without which my day feels incomplete. A strong, steamy cup of chai is what I look forward for when the clock hits 4pm.



Hi, I am Manali and I was born and raised in India. I moved to the United States in 2018 after getting married. Chai is a very integral part of my daily routine and the first thing that comes to my mind after getting up.

We travel a lot and often go camping where it is very difficult to carry a complete set up for making chai. On a recent trip we decided to try Tea India’s instant chai and to our pleasant surprise it was the perfect cup of chai we were craving. Since then Tea India has become a part of our all outings.