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Your Guide to How Diwali Festival is Celebrated

Diwali is one of the most coveted and anticipated festivals of the year for Hindus. During this holy festival, Hindu families decorate their homes and offices with festive flowers and leaves. Diwali lasts for five days, and light is celebrated in many forms. Find out how Diwali festival is celebrated!

Questions and curiosity abound over how Diwali Festival is celebrated. What is Diwali and why is it celebrated? Diwali is a 5-day festival of lights that is celebrated globally by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs each year. Diwali is known for celebrating the following themes: 

  • A festival of new beginnings 
  • The victory of good over evil
  • Light winning over darkness

There is so much more to Diwali, and we have a road map for you below on how to celebrate and cherish this special holiday. 

Why is Diwali Called the Festival of Lights? 

Diwali is most commonly known as the festival of lights. It’s a derivative of the Sanskrit word “dipavali”, which translates to “row of lights.” For Diwali, people were known for clay lamps lit with bright light that would line the outside of their homes at night to let their neighbors know they were united in celebrating this special festival. 

When Is Diwali Celebrated?

Many people ask this question: Is Diwali the same date every year? It is not. The date of this special Indian festival is always determined by the Hindu Lunar Calendar. 

How Long is Diwali Festival of Lights Celebrated For? 

The Diwali Festival of Lights lasts for a total of 5 days. The festival lasts for five days from the 13th day of the dark half of the lunar month Ashvina to the second day of the light half of the lunar month Kartika. 

How is Diwali Observed? 

Diwali has one constant though. It’s always on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik, which is the eighth month on the Hindu calendar. This means the festival typically takes place every year on the calendar sometime between October and November, purposefully falling on the day of the new moon, called Amavasya. The night before the festival is the darkest night of the year in Hindu mythology and is one of the holiest days on the Hindu calendar that leads into this wonderful Diwali celebration of light and rebirth. 

Diwali Pronunciation

Many people mispronounce the word Diwali. When pronouncing the word, it should be pronounced like duh.vaa.lee.

South India calls the celebration Deepavali and is known for celebrating one day earlier.

How to Say Happy Diwali 

It’s as simple as saying, “Happy Diwali!” That works as a greeting among others that celebrate the holiday. If you want to be more traditional with your greeting, you can greet someone with, “Wishing you a Diwali that brings happiness, joy and prosperity to you and your family this year!”

Diwali Message

How is the Diwali Festival of Lights celebrated, you might be asking? For starters, you want to come up with other good Diwali greetings to start the celebration with friends and family! Some other suggestions for Diwali greetings include: 

  • This Diwali we pray for good health for our family, our friends and blessings of God lifetime!
  • Celebrate this Diwali festival in its truest sense by spreading cheer and light up the world to show others!
  • Have a safe, happy, and blessed Diwali!
  • Here’s to many blessings from Goddess Lakshmi! Happy Diwali!
  • May the beauty of this Diwali season fill your household with light and happiness!

How Do You Celebrate Diwali Festival?

The highly anticipated Hindu festival is celebrated across India and wherever Hindus live around the globe. The festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil and that’s worth celebrating in this world now more than ever. 

How is Diwali Celebrated in India?

Diwali is celebrated in India in much the same way that Hindus in the United States celebrate the festival. This includes: 

  • Spending quality time together with family and friends
  • Cooking up a spectacular Indian feast worthy of the celebrations
  • Lighting up the holiday with both lamps, more modern lights and even fireworks both inside and outside homes
  • Shopping
  • Presenting gifts
  • Puja (prayers)
  • Sweets

How to Celebrate Diwali at Home

Celebrating Diwali at home is what it’s all about! Celebrating the season of light with those you love in the comfort of your own home. Celebrating Diwali at home involves: 

Diwali Decorations for My Home

  • Cleaning and preparing your home for the 5-day celebration comes first. Cleaning is part of the celebration and meant as a reminder that Diwali is a time of rebirth and a fresh start.
  • Drawing footprints to put throughout the floor on the first day of Diwali to celebrate the arrival of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. 
  • Shop for new clothing, jewelry and new household items like utensils and kitchen tools to celebrate a new year. 
  • Decorate your home on the second day with rangoli designs that are bright in color. Place them in your home’s entryway and throughout the home. 
  • Light diyas, candles and other festive lights around your home.
  • Hang strings of lights up inside and outside. 

Diwali Gift Ideas

There are many different types of Diwali gift ideas when you are figuring out what to buy and how Diwali festival is celebrated with gifts. The best way we can come up with some suggestions for you is to break these down by category: 

What Are Traditional Gifts Given During Diwali?

Traditional Diwali gifts include: 

  • Lakshmi Ganesh idols
  • Rangoli
  • Diyas
  • Wall hangings

What is the Best Diwali Gift for Family?

Some family Diwali gift ideas include: 

  • Home decor
  • Candles
  • Unique Lights
  • Chocolates and other sweets
  • Flowers
  • Plants for Diwali
  • Clothing and other apparel

Serve Diwali Meals and Teas

What kind of food and drink do you plan on serving at your Diwali? Some suggestions to consider are: 

  • Dahi kebabs and yogurt dips with chips or bread.
  • Serve a Masala for a main dish with variations that include vegetarian, chickpea, chicken and more.
  • Try a spicy dish like a pindi chole, a wonderful simmering of spices and chickpeas in a creamy sauce with a kick. 
  • Enjoy a paneer makhani dish to add a wonderful cheesy flavor to your Diwali festival. Paneer is an unsalted version of cottage cheese that you can spice to taste. 
  • Don’t forget bread like naan to serve on the side. Naan is an Indian-style bread to help calm your taste buds from a spicy overload of flavors. 
  • Remember the sweets like pastries, pudding, and barfi. Barfi is a creamy and delicious Indian dessert that combines condensed milk, sugar and nuts that is turned into tasty cut squares. 
  • Enjoy some delicious Cardamom Chai tea, CTC Assam Tea, Instant Chai, ginger tea, Indian Loose Tea and more for a lovely Diwali tea party.  

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